About Me

Hey Humans,

My name is Samantha!  I’m a born and raised California beach addict, who found herself in  the wide open spaces of Nashville, Tennessee for 4 years, only to move back to sunny San Diego. My skills include having an abundance of energy all the time, random acts of kindness and possessing an  uncontrollable passion for loving people.  I’m a dancer after God’s own heart, a teacher who says “but first love…” , a  storyteller and an athlete of healing & recovery.IMG_2125  I’m living a different love story every day, but like any classic love story comes raw pain, vulnerability, and heartbreak.  So here I am, as a 27 year young aspiring love warrior, just showing up to the next right thing of my life. Showing up for pain, for people, for truth and for love.  A story written in my truth, but offered to you.

I saved y’all a seat at the table of love and vulnerability.  Where everyone is invited and we can always make room for “just one more.”

Love you strangers, always.

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